Ukulele Club Marbella

by Colm Fitzpatrick

If you're an adult looking to get started, come join our Ukulele lessons at the beach in San Pedro de Alcántara!

Private lessons available where the focus is how to have fun playing the ukulele!

Do away with any hangups you might have about ´not being able to play an instrument´! Our focus is to break things down to their simplest form and teach you in a manner that is easy to follow and supportive!

And yes, kids classes are available!!! We have nearly fifty students already of all ages!!!

Every Sunday at 1pm next to L´Unique

How is it different from others here?:
It´s ukulele at the beach!!! The ukulele is a little Hawaiian instrument that is going from strength to strength along the coast!

We take a friendly and welcoming approach to new students and have proven results to get you playing in no time!!!

Our method is simple, easy to follow and our ever growing numbers suggest that we're doing something right!!!

All notes and tutorial videos are provided! The coast provides the sun!!!

What will visitors love about it?:
It is fun!!! We're a group of people from countries all over the world, who want to maximize our enjoyment and time here on the coast!

The classes are taught by an experienced and welcoming teacher, professional musician who is as happy to be there as the rest of us!

Paseo de Marítimo, San Pedro de Alcántara

Private lessons take place in San Pedro de Alcántara pueblo.


644 75 30 80



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