The City of Málaga is worth a visit! Learn all about it in That's Malaga.

by Patricia Mazuera
(Málaga, Málaga, Spain)

Marbella is paradise, but let us not forget we are just a short drive from Málaga, the city where Picasso was born. If you want to have an urban day... there are museums, restaurants, events, theatre and more. Consult your urban magazine That's Málaga. It is printed every two months, you can find it at the ariport, at hotels, bars, restaurants and also on line: and on face book:

It is runed by two women who live in Málaga and who are making the best of it. Sometimes they venture into Marbella for a beach day or a concert... or to eat at Dani Garcia's. They invite you to venture into Málaga every now and then and to send your comments or post them on their FB. You are welcome to post events in Marbella or activities where you want to invite the Malagueños. You can post in English or spanish.

Thank you,

Editor of That's Malaga

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