Telecabinas in Benalmadena day trip - February

by Freddie Jade

The little hut we hid in away from the wind

The little hut we hid in away from the wind

Wow, it was chilly up there ! But boy are the views totally worth it, although we wouldn't recommend you do it if you are scared of heights.
Everyone who lives on the Coast drives under the Telecabinas every time they trip to Malaga, others even live right by and still never go. So we decided today is the day.
They are part of the Selwo Marina & Salvaje (zoo's) group so we can suggest your buy a voucher for all three as it makes a significant difference price wise and all three are worth going, especially if you have kids.
I am an animal lover and chose not to support "Zoo's" but the Telecabinas were fun, and they actually have bird shows once you arrive at the top. For those that are a afraid of heights you can walk it, or if you just enjoy walking you can hike up and then jump in the egg pods to site see on the way back down.
Tivoli world is a theme park that is right next to the drop off, unfortunately it is closed during the winter period but if you go in summer it should be a great day out.

Price €20 per person

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