spaninsh sumer school for children 6 and 8 years old

by Danielle Cook
(Cypress Ca)

I live in California tengo 4 hijos 13, 8 , 6 y 3 quiero que hablen el espanol por favor digame de una escuela buena donde ellos spuedan ir por dos semanas para el proximo ano 2012 en Junio 25 a Julio.


I live in California and I have 4 children 13, 8, 6 and 3. I want them to speak Spanish. Please tell me of a good school where they can go for two weeks in 2012 from June 25 to July.

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May 14, 2013
Try Theatre Summer Camp in spanish
by: Anonymus

Black Box Teatro has a Theatre Summer Camp for CHildren from ages 7 to 15, they do a show, this year si West Side Stoy, it's all in Spanish and children have a great time, and they have to speak spanish for the show. You can mail them at:, or call 952779172

Jan 11, 2011
Spanish summer school in Marbella
by: Marbella Family

There are a couple of options if you would like your children to learn Spanish. One is to send them to a sport or activity camp where they will be immersed with locals and they will learn Spanish through play. A sort of "sink or swim" method.

Or, you could send them to a language school where they will be in a classroom setting and will learn to speak grammatically correct Spanish.

Personally, I would send them to a camp where they will have fun. In Marbella the locals speak "Andalusian" or as we say in Spanish "Andalú", which is Spanish, but it´s not so much a dialect as it is an accent and style of speaking. Most often the words are swallowed at the end. Gracias turns into Gracia.

In a summer camp the local kids will speak "Andalú" and this is what your kids will pick up. It´s not perfet Spanish, but will certainly impress you and they´ll be able to communicate with any other Spanish speaker. Also, in Spain, we pronounce the "c" in Gracias as "th". In California you will hear more of a Mexican accent where the "c" is pronounced "s", thus you will hear "Grasias" as opposed to "Grathias". So if you aren´t opposed to this, then I think a fun sport camp would be the best choice.

If you insist on a language school, there are plenty of them in Marbella. The one I recommend personally is III - Instituto Internacional de Idiomas (International Institute of Languages). I´ve had some courses there (as well as friends of mine) and find them to be very organized and professional. This summer they are organizing, for the first time, a fun camp where kids have time to play sports and engage in fun activities as well as sit in a classroom to learn proper grammar. Unfortunately, the starting age is 5 years old, so you will have to find another place for your 3 year old. You can read more about the school here.

I also suggest you look at our page on Camps and look under the section titled Spanish camps. This means that the language spoken at the camp is Spanish. You will find all sorts of camps from overnight to just a few hours a day.

Don´t worry that the camps are from last year, they usually repeat themselves year after year. The page will be updated a month or two before summer as camps make announcements for the new season. To be sure, call or email the contacts provided.

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