Save up to 90% on Shopping, Attractions, Nights Out and More in Gibraltar

by Steve Lambert

Do you Work, Travel to, Visit, or Reside in Gibraltar, If so you need to check out a new site which is due to launch in April.

GIB Deals ( is a similar set up to the Groupon site where you can save up to an astonishing 90% on Food, drink, attractions, shops and hotels to name a few.

Whenever GIB Deals brings out a new deal we simply email the subscribers with the offers and they then have the opportunity to purchase the offer at a substantial saving.

As an example
Restaurant "A" does a 3 course meal for 2 and a bottle of house wine which would normally cost £90,
Restaurant "A" is giving away that offer for only £40 giving you a saving of 56% off the face value.
You can then buy the £40 coupon and redeem that coupon at restaurant "A" for the full £90 value.

If enough people buy the deal (this can be anywhere from 1 person to whatever the business specify) then the deal is tipped and those that purchased the offer can then exchange the Coupon for the face value at the participating venue.

If not enough people purchase the offer then the deal doesn't get tipped and you do not get charged for purchasing the offer and the deal is then null and void.

The site is currently in pre-launch mode and people looking for ways to experience Gibraltar cost effectively can start subscribing now so that when the launch happens in April they will not miss out on the chance to get some fantastic offers in their emails.

Get on over to to subscribe, which is totally free.

DATE: 2011

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May 01, 2011
GIB Deals now live and First deal is available
by: Steve

GIBDeals now have an offer for 5 adults to go on a dolphin booze cruise with the original dolphin safari in Gibraltar.
They are only place you can go to get this offer and Your group size can range from an intimate 5 to a full crew of 25 and with a voyage that includes stunning scenery, sea exploration and a splash from your glass as well as the dolphins, they’ll be that close you will hear their breathing as they come up for air – this really is a night out to remember and an amazing way to start your evening or any weekend!
If you’re visiting on holiday, on a hen or stag weekend, planning a team building exercise or just generally want to do something a little bit different, fun and exciting before you hit the Gibraltar bars and clubs, this will tick all the boxes for you. CHECK IT OUT!!!

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