Sash Xpression Hip Hop and Street Dance

by Sachel Nelson

Sash Xpression Classes

Sash Xpression Classes

Sash Xpression is Marbella's Hip Hop and Street Dance destination for kids, teens and adults. The studio is owned and operated by the UK's own Sachel Nelson, who has years of experience working with kids and teens to embrace this fantastic form of creative fitness.

What differentiates Sash Xpression from other studios is Sachel's focus, intensity and experience specifically on Hip Hop, Street Dance and Fitness.

Hip Hop culture has continued to expand since the 1970s to the present. It is found in adverts, TV productions, theaters, fashion, pop music, and many other aspects of popular culture today.

Sachel encourages the use of positive Hip Hop music - both classic and contemporary - to help people explore their own body strength, fitness, their reaction to the beat, rhythm, timing and their own self expression.

Sash Xpression offers classes in Hip Hop, Streetdance, and Fitness Choreography for Kids, Teenagers and Adults, of all ages and levels.

Sash Xpression Classes are held in several local Marbella gyms, noted below. Private classes can also be arranged and often are held in local schools and colleges on the Costa del Sol.

Sash Xpression uses 'Breaking' as a core strengthening feature and component to stamina and cardiovascular fitness. A philosophy of being able use your body to achieve results meanwhile having fun.

One-on-one sessions can be scheduled for parties of all sizes and can be held in local resorts and hotels.

Tel: +34 617 917 396
Facebook: Sash Xpression

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Mar 21, 2016
Sash Expression Palacio de Congresos
by: Mrs Brooks

We recently viewed a dance event in Marbella at the Palacio de Congresos and Sash Expression was one of the perforers.

He did a routine with one of his students,it was amazing!

Our children they were very excited to join in and we spoke to Sash after the show.

He was more than helpful and even did a small dance with my children!

A true professional.

My children will be starting with Sash at the Puente Romano gym next week, I'd recommend him to any parents interested in their children learning to dance.

Mrs Brooks.

Nov 11, 2015
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