Sales and Customer Service Management Expert in Marbella

by Anna

Specialising in supporting businesses in Sales / Outstanding Customer Service / Digital Marketing / Events.

I have good background experience in Business & Regional Management, sales, promotions, merchandising, retail multi-site management, KPI's, managing & training staff, direct digital social media marketing & promotional events for consumer/commercial markets.

I have a self-keen interest and passion in developing businesses with solid experience. I’m competitive and enjoy exceeding targets.

I am a strong-minded, thoughtful, independent businesswoman that can adapt to any situation given and a quick learner. I aim to achieve results in all that I do & for others involved. I make a huge impact in all my work! I can think quickly on my feet and I’m a natural problem solver! I’m at an age where I can confidently communicate at all levels in networking and building strong relationships.

I’m seeking a challenging position, as I’m sales-driven, customer & target-focused with fantastic organised managerial, retail, administration, technical & experience.

I’m at ease motivating a large team to deliver high levels of customer service, professionalism to drive sales and success. I have an entrepreneur nature and can turn excellent ideas into successful businesses and practice. I’m able to motivate and inspire people to reach their potential. I can lead a field team with passion for results, achievement and performance.

I believe that success comes from within and that my attitude determines how successful I am. I am open to new ideas and I also confront challenges head on and don’t shy away from taking responsibility for my actions.

• More than 20 years’ experience Sales, Customer Service, Retail Management, Merchandise & Promotions / Events
* Area management.
• Solid Computer skills in Mac, Outlook, and Word
• Ability to handle sporadic workload
• Sound communication skills & strong organisational skills
• Extraordinary ability to meet deadlines • Great PA & Secretarial skills
• Ability to create visual merchandising and using Planograms.
• Ability to lead teams to achieve success
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Knowledge of budgets
* Private PA Household management

I plan to move to Marbella in 6 weeks and would like an opportunity to work for you !

Please send me an email if you require any further information or copy of CV -

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

Anna Redford

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