Restaurante La Trattoria Nueva Andalucia

by Morris Bishop
(San Pedro de Alcantara)

Our main courses

Our main courses

“I Love your shoes”

A couple of days ago, by pure chance, we were amongst a group of people waiting for a lift in El Courte Ingles, when my wife noticed the shoes of one of the ladies standing beside us, and promptly passed this compliment to her. On exiting the lift the lady handed me her card!! Thus began a foursome visit to La Trattoria last night, for they were the owners, Paulo & Claudia.

A pleasant and comfortable bar and dining room that seat about 50 having a jovial waiter called Luca, all boded well for an enjoyable evening.

A comprehensive menu covered everything you would expect from Italian cuisine, but no soup! No problem says Luca, we have a meat broth with tortellini – Its not on the menu, Sounded good, so we all had it.

To follow I had one of my all time favourites, Osso Buco Others wanted the Duck dish, but alas it had sold out. So they chose the Solomillo Ternera and the Tagliata Solomillo. Mine arrived some minutes before the others and was served on a cold dish, such that it was barely Luke warm by the time I started eating, and I had to send it back for reheating. All of the food served lived up to their slogan “The true taste of Italian cuisine” and was delicious, but the cold plates did detract from the pleasure of eating well prepared, nicely served, and piping hot food.
As mine host does not speak any English, I could not understand the reason he gave but it seems that they do have a dish warmer on the pass, but the chief didn't use it!!!

We forego the delights of their desserts and got the bill, only to have to query what they had charged for the 4 soups (these were not on the menu and silly us, we didn't ask).

We were all of one mind over the charge of 50€ for the 4 soups, and indeed thought that most of the starters were somewhat pricey, having said that, we did not try any of them, so we do not know how elaborate or exotic they may have been.

Of the ten starters, eight were from 10€ to 18.50€ All the mains look like they were priced appropriate for this quality restaurant, as were most other things, such as their group 3 course menus at 29€ and 35€ unfortunately these are only available for parties of 8 or more. (I think they would be very popular for groups of 4!!)

The stats
La Trattoria can be found to the east of the casino on Nueva Andalucia at C/Malvas, Bookings on 95281 7591 or easy parking outside. Closed on Wednesday, average 3 course meal with wine 45€

Bishlin marks out of 5
ambience 3.5,
food 4,
Menu 4,
service 3.5,
value 3.5,
O/A 4,

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