Piano lessons in marbella

by Jens
(Nueva andalucia)

I'm looking for piano - and maybe music tech lessons near Marbella

DATE: 2014

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Jan 15, 2018
Piano Lessons at your home "Royal School of Music"
by: Sandra

The Best Music School ,
You can learn to play an instrument, piano lessons at your home

Sep 16, 2016
Teachers and teachers
by: Melanie Ketner

There are teachers and there are teachers. Some impart knowledge and some impart a whole way of being in creative expression. Jens is the latter. From the moment I saw his personality and vibrant teaching style I knew that my daughter would excel and find her own rhythm as a musician because of Jens contagious enthusiasm for musical expression through the piano. His teaching style is tangible and effective as he provides a way of learning that brings immediate gratification. Which in turn stirs the creativity for working on your own. The fact that he is a working musician in the industry brings a different and relevant energy to any teacher student interaction. As a performer and teacher I hold Jens in high esteem. Who ever learns from him will, with hard work find their own musical, creative 'voice'.

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