Personal Trainer

by Emily Bitton

Personal Trainer Marbella (PT Marbella)

Personal Trainer Marbella (PT Marbella)

Hi, my name is Emily! My life IS and always HAS been driven by sports and fitness. From aged 6 I've been competing in various sports and fitness truly is my number #1 passion.

So I'm honoured and grateful to get to share my passion with my clients and help them along their transformation journeys; whatever the journey may be!

I'm a qualified PT and Nutritional advisor, specialising in transformation, whether it be; muscle building, fat loss, increasing muscular power, training for competitive events-to name a few. I like to incorporate behavioural change strategies into my programs for those hard to tackle habits for those clients who need it!

I really do want to help as many people as possible exceed their expectations and become better than they deemed imaginable!

I speak English and basic Spanish (however I am learning every day!).

Please feel free to contact me via my email or website below.

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