Personal Trainer, Strength and Wellness Coach

by Martin Mrzena

I am motivated, focused, and results-driven NASM, UKSCA, BLKF, and SAKST qualified Personal Trainer, fitness, and Wellness professional with more than fifteen years of experience in the health, and fitness industry with extensive knowledge of various training techniques required for specific clients’ fitness and health goals, nutrition principles, practical psychology of active listening, and motivating people to commit to their goals.

Services are based on genuine listening to clients' needs and then persistent training, nutrition, and psychology supervision with full accountability and 24/7 online availability. Besides that, I provided beneficial advice in wellness and practical psychology monitored and evaluated the client's progress. This valuable experience has provided me with a great opportunity to learn how to work with people of various ages and from different countries and cultures and allowed me to acquire important time management and communication skills.

Type of role you are looking for:
Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, Wellness Coach

What makes you a great candidate:
I have successfully helped many people who come from business, finance, entrepreneurship, corporate and athletic fields. I have helped to transform their health, physique, mindset, and psychology to a new level where they have benefited from having more energy, vitality, confidence, and self-belief.

Previous experience:
I have helped people lose weight, and gain strength and functional strength by correcting muscle imbalances, building their core strength, and improving flexibility and mobility.
I have coached clients to successful body transformations achieved within 3 -6 months’ programs, rapid strength progress achieved in 3 months’ programs, and wellness consultancy with a strong client-oriented approach and great proven track record of customer satisfaction.
Through teaching them correct diaphragmatic breathing, gradually getting them into cold water exposure, sound bathing, passive and active meditation, and Qigong exercising, I have helped them feel healthier, more energized, and more effective in their private and professional life.
Through active NLP techniques and practical psychology, I have successfully helped them change their emotional state, reduce stress, and reduce depression, which significantly improves their personal life, well-being and elevates performance at work.

Languages you speak: English, Czech, Slovak

Email address:

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