Personal Trainer Marbella

by Elsa Johnsson

Personal Trainer Marbella

Personal Trainer Marbella

Personal trainer and group fitness instructor

I have a broad education in personal training and anatomy/physics. A love and passion for all forms of fitness from CrossFit to strength and conditioning.

Because of my love and experience with fitness It leads me more creative, supporting and understanding in working with clients. And more room for coaching which is one of the importance of keeping clients long term.

I’m a social and happy girl, 20 years of age and lives in Marbella.
I love working with people and helping others, my previous jobs have been elderly care which I was very appreciative for.
I have been training all my life and love it, I want to spread that message to other people and teach them how to turn their lives around for the better.

Languages you speak:
English and Swedish

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