Nolita Gastrobar Guadalmina

by Morris Bishop
(San Pedro de Alcantara)

The approach to Nolita

The approach to Nolita

Back in August of this year, Beatrice opened Nolita on the C.C.Guadalmina.

Stylishly furnished, subtly lit, pleasing décor, with one wall dominated by a projection TV picture, and a well stocked bar. Seating about 30 within and further dozen outside by the entrance, a few from both areas are high stools and tables, the only menus to read, are on 4 blackboards, roughly divided into tapas, snacks, starters, and the mains, given in German, English & Spanish

Call me ‘Bieke’ she said as she helped us figure out how the menu worked! Finally we selected Shrimp Croquettes and a small portion of Spaghetti Bolognaise for starters, and for Mains, Chicken vol-au-vent, and the highly recommended ‘ cooked by Bieke’ Beef stew. Mean while Bieke served drinks and bread & butter, this latter had a strange taste, so we asked if this was butter, oh yes, this is’BEST’ butter. There was some writing on the ‘butter’ packets that was too small to read, so I photographed and enlarged it only to find the word Margarine there! Not a good start. (see photo)

Most of our meal was acceptable but the Beef Stew (more like a Boeuf Bourguignon than a humble stew) was superb, and worthy of any good French Bistro. Both of the mains had a small salad on the dish which seemed inappropriate with a hot dish. Ice cream was the ‘Hobson’s choice for desserts. I thought the Croquettes starters and the Vol au-von main were overpriced, and my Spaghetti would have been better, had the pasta not been chopped up, and some tomato’e taste added to relieve the dryness. As you may have gathered, Bierke is not only the Owner but Head Chef, Waitress, and Maitra’D.

Nolita can be found in the middle of the Guadalmina shopping area, they open for Lunch and dinner weekdays, dinner only on Saturday, and their day of rest is Sunday.
Adequate parking in the service road. Average 3 course meal with wine €30
Website is email is
Reservations Call 634722709

Bishlin marks out of 5:
Ambience: 4
Food: 3*
Menu: 3
Service 3.5
Value 3 O/A 3.5
*with the exception of the Stew which was 5

DATE: December 2015

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Dec 28, 2015
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