NOBOX Digital Agency

by Johann
(Marbella, Spain)

NOBOX Creative Digital Agency in Marbella

NOBOX Creative Digital Agency in Marbella

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What is your FREEBIE tip, organisation or business about?:
NOBOX is a creative agency and digital production studio based in Marbella, Spain. We are specialised in Virtual Reality and the creative production behind innovative software for marketing, promotion, info architecture and many other fields.

How is it different from others here?:
The future of immersive gaming and experiences is here! NOBOX stands out of the crowd by offering high-end technology services. We are pioneers in Costa del Sol creating Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Video Games. We focus on development of Virtual Tours as well as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications.
Our team understand how to create an impressive experience, one of the key areas in the creation of virtual reality content. We are committed to a high standard of creative professionalism giving the assurance of the best output.

What will visitors love about it?:
This ideas lab is an innovative platform of exchange and co-creation open for everybody. We have a school for kids, teenagers and professionals, where everyone is welcome to visit and get inspired by other people that share the same passion for technology and its latest trends. The facilities include a Virtual Reality room where you can try new experiences.

Avenida Istán, Camino de Camojan 7,
Camojan Business Center, Oficina 25, 29602 Marbella, Spain


951 56 08 69





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Dec 29, 2016
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