Mr. Gourmet Burger

by Morris Bishop
(San Pedro de Alcantara)

Mr Gourmet Burger

Mr Gourmet Burger

Within every genre of eating houses there is bound to be those that are just mediocre, and others that are faultless, and a whole range in between. Not to be compared with other genres, each stand on their own merits to please the diner.

Just recently I have been sampling what is on offer on, and around the new Boulevard in San Pedro, (see reviews on Nomo, Boulevard 171, Noa, La Sidreria, El Guino, and Wok San Pedro). But the subject of these scribblings is a restaurant specialising in the humble Burger.

Mr. Gourmet Burger is the brainchild of serial restraunture Malcom Spendlove, of Passion Café fame, he has created the widest range of Burger options imaginable, with over 26 to chose from, each with its own variant of salads and dressings, and with a 3 alternative buns.

From the well ordered menu, we chose to share a dish of Crudites of Celery, Carrot, cherry tomato, and Radish with dips of Hummus, and Gorganzola.

Then to follow I had the Italian Burger, with a salad instead of the bun, and Dizzy had a grilled Prawn salad with a gorgeous dressing (I must get the recipe). We finished with their home made Apple cake, ice-cream and Strawberries.

Bearing in mind my opening paragraph, the whole meal was excellent, the menu choice was exceptional. and we will return.

The V.S.
Mr. Gourmet Burger is located in Avda. Luis Bralle (centre and north of the Boulevard); Tel: +34 952 785 257.

A knowledgeable and helpful Frank, manages the place. Average cost of a three course meal with wine 20€. The dining room is a pleasant 2 level affair, comfortable furnished, seating about 30,with a further 40 on their terrace overlooking the Boulevard.

There is a trio of Vegetarian Burgers available as well as certified Halal meat supply. Street Parking around the Boulevard or underground in Avda, Marques de Duro (100 mt.)

They open 13:00 to 23:00 7 days, and have a take-away service.

Bishlin marks out of 5
Ambience 4
Menu 4.5
Food 4.5
Service 4
Value 4.5
O/A 4

DATE: May 2015

For more information, visit: San Pedro Boulevard

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