Marbella Skate Contest

Marbella Skate Contest

Marbella Skate Contest

The first championship Marbella Skate Contest 2011 is to be held on Sunday August 21 from 12.00 at the Skate Park La Represa where almost a hundred Skaters from all over Spain will convene.

This event is geared towards young skaters, both professional and amateur aged 14 to 24 years old and hopes to promote skating in Marbella.

Participants in both levels are split on Saturday at 12.30 pm in groups of 4 who will show their tricks on the track to qualify among the top 7 skaters to pass the final.

After a break at 14.00, the contest will continue at 16.30 with the turn of the Pro category where contestants must show the same skill as the previous qualifiers.

The final of the Amateur category will be held at 19.00, while the Pro level will take place at 19.30. At this stage, each contestant will have one minute to "save their life" and try to win.

After 20.00 an award ceremony will take place, which consists of skating equipment and clothing for the first three winners, while the first runner-up will receive 200 euros.

Visitors will be entertained by the skills of skaters like Felix Caballero, considered the best Andalusian skater sponsored by Razor, Antonio Frias, participant in the international circuit and supported by Mark Remz, and Dani Aviles, a national rival.

During the competition, a Disc Jockey will liven up the event with rap, reggae and rock, while the event's sponsors (Statics, Vertical and España Soller) will create a video and a shirt with an illustration of the best trick.

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