marbella schools covid response

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To return or not to return?...That is the question...

Many parents are asking the same question when it comes to Marbella schools and the response to Covid.

The pros of staying remote are largely seen to be:

  • Safety
  • Health

The pros of returning to school are generally agreed to be:

  • Education quality
  • Socialization

Reopening schools may very well be a risk worth taking — after all, so much of our economic recovery depends on it. But it’s unlikely that we’ll have clear answers to many of these questions in the near future and know with any certainty just how safe schools would be for kids, teachers, and communities.

While it feels like we’ve been living with the coronavirus forever, we’re still in the early phase of understanding it; the research on children and COVID-19 is relatively limited, and the studies that do exist have shown conflicting results.

What do you think the right answer is? Share your thoughts with the community, below.