Marbella healthy cafes

Marbella is full of many healthy cafes and restaurants, perfect for maintaining that healthy summer lifestyle all year round!

Whether you just want a quick coffee and treat or a full nutritious meal, there are plenty of healthy options. There are even options for all types of diets and lifestyles - vegan, vegetarian, keto, gluten-free, and everything in between. It has never been easier to stay healthy in Marbella!

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Here are our recommendations of our favourite healthy cafes and restaurants around Marbella. 

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Best Marbella healthy cafes

Hustle n Flow was TripAdvisors Travellers Choice Winner for 2020! It is a must-try healthy cafe in the heart of San Pedro. With specialty coffees and drinks, unique breakfasts, vegan & gluten-free options, they have something for everyone!

Beity is one of Marbella's newest healthy cafes, with all kinds of healthy options - from specialty drinks, desserts, breakfasts, and more. Plus, the amazing service is always willing to accommodate to your dietary needs or preferences.

Dezentral is another great place if you're looking for an amazing coffee with your healthy dishes. With new specials everyday, you'll always be pleasantly surprised at how delicious healthy food can be. 

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