Marbella Film Challenge 2010

Marbella Film Challenge 2010

Marbella Film Challenge 2010

24 Hour Marbella Film challenge 2010

The Marbella Film festival is proud to announce the launch of its annual 24 hour film challenge, as part of the 2010 festival fringe. The event which is organised by Marbella International Film Festival, in association with New World Trust and with the support of “The Marbella Film Commission”, offers great opportunity for the film makers to add to their credits and demonstrate their talent to the world audiences. The challenge is scheduled to take place from October 15th to 17th.

This film challenge is sponsored by BIG BUOY Production House, who is offering a prize of £5000 worth of post production service for the winners of the 24 hour film challenge 2010.
Check the details on;

In the past years The Marbella 24 hour film challenge, has attracted many talented film makers, who created some outstanding work, scripted, shot, edited, and submitted for screening in only 24 hours.

This year the Festival is aiming to increase the participation to this exciting event, by offering subsidised package for accommodation and festival accreditations to the festival, attracting film makers from all over the world, to make movies, and show off their talent.

Here is the deal:

The Film maker with, the cast and the crew, (or just alone, with a camera and
laptop!) is challenged to make a 3 to 4 minute short film on given a subject matter, the task is to write a script, direct the actors, shoot the film, edit, sound and music, and deliver the film in 24 hours.

All films will be screened and judged, as part of Marbella International Film Festival, and the best film would receive the prestigious Marbella 24 hour film challenge 2010 Award together with £5000 worth of post production services.
The runner ups will receive the certificate of recognition and all participants will receive the certificate of participation.

Over the years many participants of the Marbella 24 hour film challenge, have discovered this event to be most helpful platform to promote their future work. The challenge being a fast and effective way of adding to their credits, creating a show reel for their actors, crew and the production team.

The participants have succeeded in achieving international recognition on the back of association with this prestigious film festival and not to mention the opportunity of networking with some the most talent international film makers in the most glamorous resort of Puerto Banus in Marbella, enjoying a long weekend of films, fun, parties and much more.

Please register for this event as soon as possible.
Registration forms and further information available from:

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Sep 27, 2010
Audience Choice award
by: Marbella Family

The film festival organizers have added a new award to their list - The Audience Choice Award.

This will be a chance for the public to vote for their favorite short film, where you will be able to pick a winner.

To participate in this award "Friend of the Festival" passes will be distributed at the hotel lobby registration desk on October 15 - 17. The pass, which is given upon a donation to the World Trust Fun sponsoring young film makers, allows you to view all the films in all the categories during the festival days and choose your favorite in the short film category.

Be sure to arrive early to collect your pass as there is a limited number of passes.

For more information see the website or contact Jo-Anne, Marbella Film Festival Coordinator, at

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