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Covid Marbella Beach

Covid Marbella Beach

As the Marbella community continues through the phases of re-opening after the COVID-19 lockdown, there are many new rules and regulations being implemented.

Each phase of re-opening includes a new set of rules and restrictions. Although these phases are set to ease the community back to 'normal' life, the many specific regulations can become confusing. Especially as there are some limitations and exceptions to certain rules.

This page aims to provide the latest news and updates regarding the specific rules and restrictions of each re-opening stage, as they relate to businesses, the general community, schools, and more.

This content is purely for informational purposes and is valid as of the date posted above. It is not intended to substitute official sources. As the situation evolves frequently, make sure to confirm the legal details and regulations that apply to each phase. There are many online sources available to verify all further details and legal regulations, including the official Government BOE announcements .

Please note - Marbella is currently in Phase 1.

Starting May 21, 2020, it is mandatory to wear face masks for everyone above 6 years old.

The masks must be worn in public areas, open air spaces, public closed spaces, and whenever it is not possible to maintain 2 meters apart from others.

(For certain exceptions to this rule, information is available online by the Ayuntamiento de Malaga)

It is also still mandatory to wear masks on public transport.

General summary of the principal rule changes in Phase 1.

Small businesses and shops can open at 30% capacity
Cafes and restaurants can open their terrace at 50% capacity
Groups of maximum 10 people allowed
Some sport centers can open
One-on-one personal training sessions allowed
Hotels can reopen, excluding public spaces
Religious establishments can open at 30% capacity
Some museums and cultural spaces can open, under specific regulations and capacity guidelines
Must still follow walking/exercising times
Overall, many new precautionary measures are being taken, and it is important to keep up hygiene (washing hands, wearing masks, wearing gloves) and maintain 2 meters apart whenever possible.

14+ years old AND non-professional sport

6am - 10am
8pm - 11pm
70+ years old

10am - 12pm
7pm - 8pm
Under 14 years old

12pm - 7pm

Please note this content is purely for informational purposes and is not intended to substitute official sources. As the situation evolves frequently, make sure to confirm the legal details and regulations that apply to each phase. The Government BOE announcements are the official source of information and are available to the public online.

The information provided on this page serves primarily to inform our community about the post-lockdown situation in Marbella due to COVID-19. As the rules and limitations of re-opening change frequently, it is recommended to do some research before planning a visit to certain businesses as they likely have new restrictions to follow and may have changed their working hours, booking policies, safety measures, and more. It is the responsibility of each business and client to follow these rules to ensure our community's overall safety.

Follow the links to find out more about which Marbella restaurants , beauty & wellness salons , fitness centers , other businesses, schools, beaches, accommodation, and tourist sites have opened since the COVID-19 lockdown.

We hope that this page helps to provide useful information about the latest updates on Marbella businesses as we continue through the phases of re-opening.

Feel free to share with us any updates about the post-lockdown rules in Marbella!


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May 22, 2020
Thank you so much!
by: Jenna

Very helpful feedback. Please continue to keep sharing any information about COVID in Marbella.

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