Malaga International Tango Festival 2010

The Malaga International Tango Festival 2010 will be held at the Cervantes Theater from October 8th to 10th.

In 2003, 2004 and 2005, under the auspices of the Argentinean Embassy in Spain, the first three editions of the Malaga International Tango Festival were celebrated, bringing together song, dance and music in exemplary spectaculars and moving tributes.

This fourth edition will include the presence of some of the genre´s most important figures in three galas that will evoke mythical figures like Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla.

Malaga´s International Tango Festival seeks to solidify the links between tango lovers and our city through periodic events in the city´s cultural agenda that will also serve to reinforce Malaga´s bid for Capital of Culture in 2016.


Friday October 8 at 21:00
Dance partners Silvio Grand and Mayra Galante - Claudio and Vito
Guest dancers Julio and Juana (Malaga International Tango Festival representatives and finalists at the World Tango Festival in Buenos Aires).

Saturday October 9 at 20:00
Le Tango, feeling manifested as dance
Compañía de Tango Argentino
Choreography and direction Nélida Miglione and Jorge Ramírez

Sunday October 10 at 19:00
Copla and Tango, a Story of Love and Indifference
Producciones Sin Ache Entertainment
With Rosario Mohedano and Norberto Rizzo
Writing and direction Rafa Castillo Romero based on idea by Norberto Rizzo

Seating A* 21€
Seating B* 16€
Seating C* 12€
Seating D* 7€

* Seating

Teatro Cervantes has a capacity of 1,104 seats, divided up in the following manner:

* 638 Type A, corresponding to the Orchestra seats, Stalls and Boxes on the First Floor

* 131 Type B, corresponding to Stalls and Boxes on the Second Floor

* 217 Type C, corresponding to Boxes on the Third Floor

* 136 Type D, unnumbered, corresponding to the seats in the stands on the Upper Level

* 12 Seats on the Main Box located on the First Floor

Tickets can be purchased by 902 36 02 95

Tickets can be purchased online at
For more information call 952 22 41 00

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