Looking for a Choir Teacher

by Leonor Inmaculada Fernandez

Looking for a Choir Teacher for Spanish people

Looking for a Choir Teacher for Spanish people

Hi everyone,

I belong to a pop choir in Marbella which is an association with 24 members and at the moment we are looking for a new Choir Teacher, and Musical director to help us to get better.
We have as well a group of 4 amateur musicians who perform with us .
We have been having classes twice a week in Marbella 1 and 1/2 hours on Monday and Wednesday from 18.30 hrs til 20.00 hrs although we are flexible with days and hours although we need it to be in the afternoon / evening. The ages of the choir goes from 40 til 65 years old..
The pay is approx 320 eur. monthly..
We need to re-start again soon or the people will get bored and will leave.. Please contact me if you are interested or you know of anyone who might be. Thank you in advance for all your help.
My name is Inma, and my phone number :+34.670.33.58.53

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