Last minute Hiking La Concha Mountain - February

by Freddie Jade

The forest

The forest

Yet another great activity many haven't done having lived in Marbella for years. So many others do it regularly, big group organise day trips, charity hikes, runs, bike ride...
We really didn't plan anything at all, in fact woke up saw the sun and didn't really know where to start from, luckily explained there where two ways, via Istan or El Juanar. At that point we where already at La Cañada buying water and some food oh and a selfie stick and a little back pack (only €10 from Alcampo) As you can tell we really where not prepared but hey spontaneous trips are always the best.

So we drove up to El Juanar, left our car where we saw a few others and set off, honestly the sign posts where slightly confusing and the couple we asked how to reach the top didn't really know either. We were happy when we saw a "La Concha" sign and this beautiful passage way through tall pine trees that had dropped pine needles leaving the path way a strong orange and red colour, it was like we had entered a new world.

When we arrived at what we though was the very top, a group of elder ladies pointed out there where a further 4 hours to go, having already done 2 and enjoying the views we felt that was as far as we where going to go ( La Cruz) and decided to stop to munch. We followed the path down instead of going back on ourselves, which was also slightly quicker, less flora but more sea views as we were now on the front side of the mountain which was also slightly steeper, (could be great to do it the other way round if you want to work your gluts) just be careful with the loose rocks.

It was a great morning hiking up and down, the temperature was just perfect. We visited the statue of the dear, and even got to see at least 20 wild dears too, that later turned out to be goats, but we still loved them. There was a profesional photographer collecting images for the Town hall so we had to move quietly and slowly.
Although earlier on in the day Rey's (my partner) Opera signing was highly appreciated as it echoed in between the mountains and even had a little sign off with someone on the other side who we couldn't even see, but could hear amazingly.

Duration of the trip: 5 hours
Cost of the trip: €20

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