Last Minute Green Fees on Twitter

by Marbella Golf

The Marbella Golf and Country Club is the first golf course offering last-minute green fees on Twitter! The golf course, which is located on the Costa del Sol, is the first golf course in Spain and possibly the world to offer its customers last minute deals on the social network site Twitter. This technology willmake it possible to offer last minute available tee times to golfers in the area.

Marbella Golf and Country Club has only recently begun its virtual journey on Twitter, but they have realized the importance that such tools can have for companies inthe tourism and leisure industry. Sales and Marketing Director Antonio Conde says, "The golf industry must also adapt to changing times. Not only be because it is trendy and everyone is doing it, but that the presence of social networks like Twitter should be based on a clear strategy and also be a part of the marketing plan of any modern company. Our customers spend a lot of time on these networks and they are increasingly giving more importance to the information found on them."

In the case of Marbella Golf and Country Club, the Twitter strategy has two functions. The possibility to optimize green fee sales at the golf course and also to open a new channel of communication with its clients. The Online Marketing Plan of the Golf Club emcompasses not only its presence in other social networks like Facebook or foursquare, but also an ambitious project through its website that includes a virtual club and numerous tournaments and competitions.

The changing economic climate has made it trendy to discuss Revenue or Yield Management in the Tourism industry and it is interesting to see how specifically in the owrld of golf there are examples like this representing a clear shift towards a more flexible and modern management.

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