Laser Combat Malaga

Laser Combat Malaga is a fun and unique activity in Andalusia that is created to learn the skills and tactics of combat fighting. Men, women any age or level can take part in this activity.

Laser combat is ideal for children and kid parties, team building and individuals where they learn how to work and communicate in groups. Fun games and even night combats are other possibilities.

This type of game brings the reality of computer combat games to life. Missions are created to test everyone´s individual abilities, combined with flexibility in working as a team and strategies to defend or attack a base, rescue and protect VIPs and other simulated scenarios.

The laser guns are sophisticated reproductions that look and feel like original weapons. There is a realistic sound, but nothing dangerous flies out of the weapon. This is a nice alternative to paintball or air guns that hurt on impact. Laser guns are connected by radio frequency, use an infrared laser, give no pain and are completely safe. Laser combat can be played free of vests, safety gear and uncomfortable helmets.

The Laser Combat Malaga offers nine different battlefields fields which are located between Antequera and Málaga only 25 minutes from Málaga center. They can also bring the Battlefield and Laser Combat to your
door wherever you may be. Laser Combat is mobile and can set up blow-up obstacles at your home, a tennis court, a garden, and any other public area in the countryside.

Children groups

Children can celebrate their birthdays in large groups. It is a perfect excuse for the kids to leave their game consoles and television. They will jump, run and sweat.

Birthday requirements
* From 8 to 15 years old
* Minimum of 10 players
* Price €20 per player for 2 hours of play
* Unlimited ammunition
* Includes laser gun, hat and camouflage paint
* Rental for military camouflage : €3
* Signed authorization from parents or guardians

Individual Prices

* Children (8 - 15 yrs): €20 for two hours

* Adults (16 yrs +): €25 for two hours

Both adults and children receive a gun, hat and camouflage paint, as well as a brief explanation about the weapons and missions.

For €10 more (per person) you can have a full BBQ.


SUMMER 10:00 - 12:00
12:00 - 14:00
17:00 - 19:00
19:00 - 21:00

Please arrive 30 minute beforehand!


You can contact Laser Combat by email: or call them at 645 24 81 85. Their website is where you can see a lot more photos and information in Spanish.

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