Kilometers with a Cause - 10K Race

by Marbella Family

Kilometers with a Cause - 10K Race

DATE: Sunday August 31, 2014
TIME: 10:00
Departure location: Avda Spain (together the Constitution Park)
Arrival location: Promenade of Marbella, at the height of the terraces of the Marina
Organizer: OAL Fundación Deportiva Municipal de Marbella
Number of participants: 1500 athletes
Distance: 10 Km

The Fundación Deportiva Municipal de Marbella in collaboration with the Association grows, organise the 2nd race race solidarity "KILOMETERS with a cause" on August 31.

To her, all persons wishing to do so will have access. The street circuit will run on asphalt and surface of marble and compacted Earth, is indicated all kilometre points, ten in total, sign panels.

The output will be at 10:00 hours, ending at 11:30 hours, this being the official maximum the same time.

Registration can be made between May 16 and August 26, 2013, both our days. The amount of the participation fee will be 10 euros.

All entries may be processed through the following link
More information on sports and

The urban race ' sports for a cause only have the absolute male and female category.
However drawn up a list of classifications for the following categories:
JUVENILE born 97-98
JUNIOR born 95-96
PROMISE born 92 to 94
SENIOR born in 91 up to 34 years
VETERAN to 35 to 39 years
VETERAN B 40 to 44 years
VETERAN C 45 to 49 years
VETERAN D 50 to 54 years
VETERAN and 55 to 59 years
VETERAN F 60 to 65 years
VETERAN G 65 to 69 years
VETERAN H plus 70 years

The numbers will be delivered the day before the test from 19:00 to 20:30 hours at the palacio de Congresos of Marbella, or the day of the test from 8.00 to 10.00 pm

The withdrawal of the chip and dorsal must be individually in the tent/location determined by the Organization and within the established schedule.

There will be controls passage along the route. Those participants who make the race the chip that facilitates the organization only appear in the classification.

The dorsal and the control chip are personal and non-transferable, and must be placed on the chest without manipulating or bend. Failure to comply with this article shall be cause for disqualification.

Test judges and the Organization reserved the right to disqualify the offender that, ascertained any irregularities by any runner, is not visible its dorsal, tamper with it or give it to another, alter the data provided to the organization or to the referee judge with respect to those appearing on your DNI or federal tabdo not complete the full tour, manifest a poor physical condition, does not provide the documentation that is required to the Organization, or fails to comply with any standard imposed by the FAA, RFEA or IAAF.

Will not be admitted by the Organization runners who are not enrolled or run without dorsal or chip, preventing access to the career in defense of the rights of registrants according to the rules.

The test will begin at 10.00 hours from the Plaza Monseñor Rodrigo Bocanegra (next to the Marbella Palacio de Congresos), where participants will begin the test with an urban journey of 10 Km, which will run along the path outlined below, ending the test on the terraces of the Marina

There will be a refreshment at km 5, composed exclusively by water.
The provisioning data consists of water, isotonic drinks, fruits and products of tasting of the sponsors and partners of the event.

Health services and ambulances will be on the km 5 and goal, and closing the race beside the car broom.
All registered runners are required to fill the rear of the dorsal fin with personal data such as name, address, emergency contact person, blood group, if there are any medical problems (allergy, special attentions, etc.) or is under any specific treatment.

The only vehicles authorised to follow the test will be the designated by the organization. For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to follow the riders bike, bike, skates or any other vehicle. Local police and the trial judges will have express order withdrawal of the circuit to avoid accidents.

Claims should be performed orally to the referee, no more later than 30 minutes after officially communicate the results. If they are rejected by this may present claim in writing and accompanied by a deposit of 60 euros the jury of appeal. In the event that the resolution was favorable 60 euros deposit would be returned. If there is no jury of appeal the referee's decision is final.

By enrolling in the urban race 'Sports for a cause', participants give their consent for organizers, sponsors, and other institutions, by themselves or through third parties, try to automatically and purposes exclusively sports, promotional, or commercial, their personal data.

In accordance with what is established in the organic law 15/1999, of December 13, of protection of data of a Personal nature, the participant has the right to access these files in order to modify or cancel all or part of its content. To do so, you must request in writing to the registered office of the Fundación Deportiva Municipal de Marbella, (C / Knights 25, 1st silver - 29601 Marbella).

Also and the sporting interests, promotion, distribution and exploitation of the urban race 'Sports for a cause' for everyone (reproduction of photographs from the competition, publication of qualifying listings, etc.) by means of any device (Internet, advertising, etc.) and without time limit, participants cede expressly to organization the right to reproduce the full namethe place obtained in the general classification and of the participant, the category, the sports brand made and his image.

The Organization reserves the right to make any change to this regulation if so consider it, and must communicate this on the web and on information from the corridor.

FINAL consideration: All matters not provided for in this Regulation shall be governed by the General rules of competition of the F.A.A, F.A.C.V., I.A.A.F, force.

By the mere fact of registering, the participant States the following: "I am in optimum health to participate in the urban race 'Sports for a cause'. "In addition, release of all liability to the Organization, sponsors or other participating institutions before any accident or injury you may suffer before, during and/or after the sporting event, giving already to any legal action against any of such entities".

During the development of the competition I will contribute as much as possible with the Organization, to avoid personal injury. I also authorize the organization does advertising use of photos, videos or any other type of audiovisual material which may include accepting the publication of my name in the classification of the test, in the means of communication or Internet, without waiting for payment, compensation, or any payment for this concept.

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