Juicing For Kids in Marbella

by Indre

For many parents, one of the greatest and most rewarding challenges is in getting the kids into a healthy diet and having them like it! Of course, this is also a challenge for many adults looking to improve their diets.

One of the easiest ways of doing so is actually via smoothies, specifically green smoothies. The standard trick here is in “hiding” the otherwise yucky greens (usually spinach) behind a wall of sweet fruits like bananas or berries. Over time, the amount of greens increases while the amount of added sugary fruits goes down. This is a great technique, but there are plenty of wrinkles to it, which we’ll cover in this article.

Smoothies: Not all greens are created equal in taste or nutritional content. Mixing up the greens from one smoothie to the next adds variety and can be useful in making things more palatable. An excellent technique I’ve come by is to alternate greens of varying bitterness. Cycle through kale, spinach, romaine, and green leaf lettuce. A fresh romaine heart can be sweet, effervescent, and incredibly nourishing, making a good break from the monotony of kale and spinach. Don’t rely too much upon bananas. Experiment freely with mangos, kiwis, and berries. A great way to create a fuller feeling throughout the day is to add celery and cucumber into the smoothie.

Cacao: Raw cacao, whether in the form of nibs, powder, or butter gets a category all to itself. Simply put, raw cacao is a fantastically amazing food that will keep the kids humming along and will minimize stress. A wonderful smoothie combination is hemp or almond milk, bananas, and a couple tablespoons of Raw Cacao powder. Obviously, cacao makes for a wonderful pudding. One of our favorite combinations is mixing almond milk, chia seeds, cacao powder, and maple syrup or raw honey. Another winning combination is cacao powder, avocado, pitted dates, raw honey and a pinch of Himalayan salt.

Juices: As with the smoothies, it’s best to start sweet and gradually add more greens and other items that aren’t as naturally sweet. A great starter juice is a combination of apple, carrot and /or beet. After the kids become adjusted to the idea of drinking the juice of roots and fruits, you can mix things up. A wonderful juice that incorporates more vegetables is what I call “fruity greens.” This juice combines a few celery ribs, whole cucumber, half a lemon, one inch of ginger, if desired, one apple, a slice of pineapple, a handful of kale, a handful of other available greens, cilantro and parsley for added flavor notes. It’s delicious and incredibly palatable. I’ve personally made this for many kids who have absolutely adored it. On the fruity end, a wonderful way to insert ginger and turmeric (in root form) into a juice is by combining these powerful medicines with carrots, oranges, red beets, and half a grapefruit. This zingy combination is a great way to start a day.

Juice-cicles: Why buy corn syrup laden popsicles when they can be made right at home with healthy ingredients? If you’ve made too much juice, simply freeze it and save it for later. This is also a great way to move through produce before it goes bad. To make these, one can buy specialty molds, but it is just as good to use inexpensive ice cube molds and popsicle sticks.
About the Author: Indre Coleman

Born in Lithuania, Indre has spent years studying the impact of nutrition on health. In 2013 she founded Juices to Glow as a means for families to introduce healthy and nutritious cold-pressed juices into their diets as a source of vital nutrients to maintain an active healthy lifestyle. We'd like to thank Indre for taking the time to share her knowledge with us on the Marbella Family Nutrition Blog.

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