In Praise of the Spanish Health Service

by Desiree
(San Pedro de Alcantara)

Dear editor,

I feel that I must put into words the praise I have the Ambulatory at San Pedro de Alcantara. Having had a very bad fall on to my face, my husband took me to the
‘Urgenca’ there, in under 2 minutes I was seen by a medic who cleaned, bandaged
and gave me medication, then gave me a tetanus injection.
I was then seen by a doctor, who gave me a thorough physical examination to make sure there was nothing broken or that I had sustained concussion. All in all a fast and comforting experience, that ended up with written instruction (in English) as to what I
should, and should not do. I wish I could say that in England I would have received such IMMEDIATE attention
Many thanks to the Spanish Health service, Bravo
Desiree A. V. Bishop, a grateful patent.

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Jun 03, 2014
a letter of thanks
by: cecilia

I am not at all surprised with what you say, and I would like to add that t would be so nice for them if you could write a thank you letter.
If you live here, you can just drop it there, if you were on holidays, you can post it,c/o director del Centro de salud.

That would be nice.
You can read more about the importance of thank you letters here

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