Horseback riding on the beach

We are staying at the Guadalmina Hotel, and our 11 year old wishes to ride horses on the beach (she is an experienced rider). What is the closest place to our hotel that we can do this?

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Feb 19, 2013
Club Hípico Arrocha Equitación
by: Marta Garcia

Les recomiendo el Club Hípico Arrocha Equitación.

Allí realizan muchas actividades tanto para niños como para adultos. Tienen un Poniclub magnífico para los niños y realizan unos paseos al campo con vistas impresionantes tanto al mar como a la montaña.

Las clases de equitación son magníficas. También son especialistas en celebración de cumpleaños infantiles, muy originales con los ponis y castillos hinchables para los niños.

En definitiva, un club fantástico para poder pasar en familia

Translation: I recommend the Arrocha Equestrian Riding Club.

There they perform many activities for children and adults alike. They have a wonderful Pony Club for children and make trips to the countryside with stunning views of both the sea and the mountain.

Riding lessons are great. They are also specialists in birthday parties, a very original idea with ponies and bouncy castles for children.

All in all, a fantastic club to spend time with the family.

Jan 24, 2013
Diama horse riding center
by: Beatriz

Voy a recomendaría el centro ecuestre Diama en Ojen es genial y tienen un trato super familiar y personal para ir en familia a pasear ,aprender a montar y para hacer cualquier celebración . Os lo recomiendo !!!!

Translation: I'm going to recommend the equestrian center Diama in Ojen. It is great and they have a super friendly service and personnel to go on a family horse ride, learn to ride and to celebrate any occasion. I highly recommend it!

May 15, 2012
Horse riding on the beach
by: Anonymous

I am sorry but it is not possible to ride on the beach in the Marbella/Estepona area unless you are happy to pay a 600euro fine!! There are plenty of nice places where you can ride into the countryside though such as Cuadra Roxane Chauchet and You can ride on the beach as has been said before over in Tarifa. Hope that helps!

May 04, 2012
Tarifa horse riding
by: Simon

Hotel Dos Mares in Tarifa have an equestrian centre as part of the hotel and there def do horse riding on the beach.

Apr 30, 2012
Marbella beach horseback riding
by: Marbella Family

I have never seen horses on the beaches in the Marbella or San Pedro area, so I have my doubts that this is allowed. There are several horse riding stables around, but you will have to ask if they would allow you to go on the beach. If not, you are sure to have a lovely ride through the local countryside.

I will ask around and see how far you need to drive to get a horse on the beach. In the meantime, you can try Riding Fun in the Sun. They say that they can take you to the Sabinillas and Duquesa Beaches, which is approximately a 30 minute drive.

You can contact the following riding clubs to see if they offer beach riding:

Escuela de Arte Ecuestre de Costa del Sol

Rancho del Rio

Horse riding in La Cala

Club Hipico Diama (Ojen) +34 689 816 282 or email:

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