Hipercor Puerto Banus horrible experience

by Diane (tourist)
(Puerto banus marbella)

Hipercor Puerto Banus

Hipercor Puerto Banus

They are renovating the whole store. The noise of saws and hammers is excruciating.

Everyday items are displaced. Employees are frustrated. Customers have to be masochistic to shop there. Why don't they do the work after hours?

If you shop there bring ear plugs. The noise must be over 120 decibels.

It's very unfortunate.

Great choices when you are able to FIND what you are looking for.

Even employees no longer have a clue as to where to find items.

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Mar 18, 2017
by: Anonymous

So unfair that a visiting person slates our fabulous store who are
improving it all the time to make it EVEN better for us 'locals' and
visiors alike. Sounds like the kind of person who enjoys complaining. I suggest they go some place else for their hols and
give someone else the pleasure of their company

Mar 17, 2017
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