Hellerhof Clinic

by Kirill

The Hellerhof Clinic specializes in Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy treatments in Marbella. This beautiful part of the Mediterranean has been famous since ancient times for its unique healthy climate.

The clinic provides treatment of neuroses, depression, dependences (alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction), eating and sleep disorders, and age-related changes in psyche. Particular attention is paid to the family psychotherapy and working with children.

The doctors working in our clinic are true professionals who practice an individual approach to each patient. This approach is effective in overcoming psychological problems in an efficient way. Human psyche is a subtle matter which requires not only professionalism but care as well. It is for this reason that our doctors find a unique course of treatment for each patient. No more than five patients can undergo a course of treatment at the same time in our clinic and each one is provided with VIP service. The clinic provides an anonymous treatment of alcoholism and other dependences.

The Hellerhof Clinic – You can entrust your health to us.

Address: C.Iris Edif.Trebol Near Casino Nueva Andalucia Marbella

Email: info@hellerhof.eu

Telephone: +34693502804

Website: www.hellerhof.eu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hellerhofclinic/

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May 25, 2020
Great Clinic
by: Jean

They are really good with kids with behavioral issues. And they have ABA Therapist for Autism cases

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