Health Benefits Of Pressure Cooking

by Chef David Jewel

Why Pressure Cooking is SO Good!

Why Pressure Cooking is SO Good!

Cooking using a pressure cooker has become so popular in the recent past. This can be attributed mainly to more people realizing the benefits of this type of cooking. These benefits include health benefits. Here are the primary health benefits of pressure cooking.

Nutritious Foods

As opposed to traditional methods of cooking, using a pressure cooker ensures that foods maintain their original nutrients. This is mainly because the steam used in pressure cooking does not destroy the nutrient in the different kinds of food. This is an integral benefit because most foods have their most important nutrients when they are raw. Cooking them using some types of cookers usually destroys these nutrients. However, using a pressure cooker maintains the nutrients and therefore the person who eats the food usually benefits from the nutrients.

No Smoke

Another integral benefit of pressure cooking is that there are minimal harmful things that get into the body. This is because there is no smoke involved and as a result the foods usually have their original taste. In pressure cooking there is no smoke produced and therefore the food cooked usually maintains its original taste. This is important because smoke has a number of negative health effects. Therefore, using a pressure cooker to cook different kinds of foods usually reduce the effects usually caused by smoke.

Easy Digestion

Cooking using a pressure cooker also ensures that the foods cooked are soft and smooth. This in turn enhances digestion without causing digestion issues. If one eats foods which are cooked using a pressure cooker the person is not likely to suffer from stomach upsets. The steam used to cook the foods usually makes the foods delicate and therefore simple to digest. This is regardless of gender or age since almost anyone can eat foods cooked with a pressure cooker.


When using a pressure cooker to cook different kinds of foods there is almost zero chances that germs or bacteria will get into the food. This is because the pot used is properly sealed therefore protecting the foods. The temperature used also kills almost all the impurities that might be in the foods. Consequently, while using a pressure cooker food to cook different kinds of foods one is almost guaranteed that the foods do not contain any germs or bacteria.

Longer Life

The foods cooked using a pressure cooker can also be stored for longer without going bad. This sis facilitated by the fact that the pot used can also be use to store the foods in a convenient manner. The temperatures do not go down easily and as a result the foods can remain hot even after considerable time. This is paramount since one can be eating fresh foods even after staying considerable time after cooking.

Faster Cooking

Another major benefit of pressure cooking is that it takes a shorter time to cook different kinds of foods compared to other methods. The importance of this is that the foods do not get overcooked and therefore they remain nutritious. This is one of the major health benefits of pressure cooking since most other methods takes longer to cook therefore destroying the important components of the foods. Therefore, using a pressure cooker has a lot of health benefits compared to other methods of cooking.

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Feb 25, 2017
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