Gymnastics for children

Does anybody know of any gymnastics classes for beginners in either Marbella or Fuengirola areas?

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Apr 02, 2013
by: Irina

Good day!!
I wish for you fine day!!

I have a request from a group of children in rhythmic gymnastics at the summer training camp from August 3-5 for 2 weeks.

We are looking for a place for our girls summer camp. 15-20 athletes aged 8 to 14 years and 2 coaches.
1. Sea, sun and sand.
2. Facilities for training for gymnastics with a high ceiling at least 10 feet,
floor-carpet or a special coating for gymnasts
3. Accommodation: 2-4-bed in rooms.
4. Full board.
5. Sport and exercise every day, 3-4 hours of morning, evening, 2:00
and +1:00 Pool.
Better accommodation 600 meters from the beach and 1 km from the sports complex. Be sure to place where you can jog and do morning exercises.
Transfer :Airport-hotel-airport.
All transfers as needed.
Need a sports camp!
Best regards
Sport Agency

Sep 11, 2012
Gymnastics classes for boys
by: Jen

My 9 year old son is interested in gymnastic classes. Does anyone have any information of any classes around the San Pedro area?

Feb 09, 2012
Gymnastics Classes
by: Laura Krier

The Costa All Star Cheerleaders in Marbella have a new coach who is teaching gymnastics for three age groups (3-5; 6-9 and 10-16).

Classes are on Saturday mornings for two hours and the cost is €32 per month (€28 for the youngest age group.)

For more information you can contact head coach, Vanessa Eadie,

Dec 23, 2011
gymnastics class at Costa All Stars Cheerleaders
by: Laura

Costa All Stars Cheerleaders are looking at starting a supplementary class from this January 2012 that will be in gymnastics. Will keep you posted!!

Dec 22, 2011
Gymnastics classes in Marbella
by: Marbella Family

Marbella and San Pedro both have gymnastics classes that are quite good where your child can reach a professional level if they stick it out and have a bit of talent.

My daughter has been to the classes in the gymnastics "carpa" tent in Marbella (next to the police station) and I have always been impressed with what I have seen from the higher groups. I understand that Spain in general is pretty strong in rhythmic gymnastics.

Although my daughter didn't like the classes, because they are very strict, I have friends who have children who stayed on and can do some pretty amazing things. They enter in organized competitions, which many children like.

When my daughter entered the classes she was about 8 years old and doesn't have any natural talent, so she was slotted into the lower group. The teachers at the time didn't seem to have the patience for little ones who were there just to have fun. They seemed to spot the "good ones" and move them up to the higher group. If you are accepted into this group you have to be committed. They will ask you to bring in your child as often as possible. So, if your child likes gymnastics, is committed and serious about the sport, I think he/she will do fine.

There is another gymnastics group in San Pedro at the Polideportivo or Sports Complex near the rock climbing wall, which you see on your left side as you take the road up to Ronda. The Polideportivo de San Pedro is located on Fuente Nueva, S/N.

Fuengirola should also have a gymnastics course in the local community center. Try searching the official website

The best thing about these gymnastics classes is that they are subsidised by the government, so are very reasonably priced...practically free.

Try out the class for a trimester. You have nothing to lose.

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