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Why Pro-Biotics & Gluten Are Best Friends

It’s no secret that ‘Gluten-Free’ has become a big money market with hundreds of companies jumping on board. It’s become hard to see the wood for the trees. We know our gut isn’t happy. We know Gluten has got a bad rap. We know we’re likely one of the many who are now living with Gluten-Intolerance. What we don’t necessarily know is what we can do about it without cutting everything out and replacing all our cookbooks.

The good news is there are experts out there willing and able to digest the medical jargon and come out with no-nonsense plain-speaking facts. Experts like Liz Lipski at Innovative Healing make sense of the data and minefield of info to leave us with easily digestible and informative books such as the ‘Digestion Connection’ or ‘Digestive Wellness’.

So Why Pro-Biotics? What’s the Connection to Gluten-Free?

Something somewhere changed. Western diets, modern squeaky-clean hygiene, anti-biotic usage, differences in child-bearing and feeding practises means we have a new generation of people frequently finding themselves intolerant to gluten whilst simultaneously undergoing a radical change in their gut make-up: it’s no coincidence. Given that gluten intolerance is linked to a wide range of unpleasant - and in some cases - downright dangerous side effects, this is a big deal. With Cœliac Disease at the extreme end of the spectrum, but also including medical complaints such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), neurological disorders, nutrient deficiencies, anaemia, nausea and depression, this malabsorption thanks to gluten is no laughing matter.

We know the same problems didn’t exist in the past despite many cultures having grain-based diets. So where did it all go wrong? The answer lies with knowing how our gut works holistically.

Your Gut is More Alive Than You Think

Your gut isn’t just an organ, set up to do a job and getting on with it ad infinitum until the end. Our gut cells only produce the necessary enzymes to break down a very small number of nutrients, they rely on something else to do the rest. Unlike the vast majority of other bodily organs, your gut is reliant on living beings and their ever changing nature: the good bacteria and the bad. These micro-organisms dwelling in your gut have a very important purpose, and two bacteria in particular are the cool-kids on the gut block: Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes. Without these bacteria, we simply don’t have it in us to digest gluten and the knock-on effect on our overall well-being is evident. These bacteria rule, and when they don’t, things go wrong. But these little guys are somewhat sensitive to environmental conditions themselves. It’s all too easy for their delicate balance to get out of sync and the result is a badly damaged gut flora making us more susceptible to disease, and also susceptible to passing on the issues to the generation below. Our western diets, rich in processed foods high in sugar and chemical additives are a super-highway to alienating our buddy-bacteria working away to do their job. Diet is the single biggest environmental factor influencing gut microbiota diversity and functionality. Therefore a pretty big thing for us to get wrong over the years.

Distanced From Our Gut Roots – What Did Our Ancestors Do?

We therefore need to do a fair bit of work on re-wiring our bodies, and in particular our guts. And one huge area where our diets and lifestyle differs significantly to that of our ancestors is the process by which we enable the longevity of food. All traditional cultures involve food fermentation practices in a way we tend to turn our noses up at nowadays. Fermented food products, such as live yoghurts, kefir, sauerkraut are the Pro-Biotics leading light. They are the dietary way that our ancestors protected their guts from the malabsorption problems you see today. If you want to understand more on the medical stats behind our Fermentation Friend then have a read of some work done by Dr Mercola, a leading expert on Gut Health.

Pro-Biotics & Gluten – Make Them Bosom Buddies

Live pro-biotics work to prevent the inflammatory response caused by gluten ingestion. Pro-biotics are the way to start getting your gut back to its ancestral truth and functioning in a way to help you and improve your gut health and overall well-being, and this couldn’t be more true than for those with gluten intolerances and those who’ve found themselves needing to lead a gluten-free life. Pro-biotics work to re-colonise the colon with the little guys needed to do the job of working your gut so that you aren’t plagued with gut-health issues for a lifetime.

About the Author: Indre Coleman

Born in Lithuania, Indre has spent years studying the impact of nutrition on health. In 2013 she founded Juices to Glow as a means for families to introduce healthy and nutritious cold-pressed juices into their diets as a source of vital nutrients to maintain an active healthy lifestyle. We'd like to thank Indre for taking the time to share her knowledge with us on the Marbella Family Nutrition Blog.

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