Gourmet Festival with german Michelin Star Cook at the Kempinski Hotel

by sissi v.wittgenstein

5 Course Degustations Menu of Michelin Star Cook Frank Oehler

5 Course Degustations Menu of Michelin Star Cook Frank Oehler

Meet Frank Oehler from the Speisemeisterei Stuttgart, Germany, at work and check out some of his custom creations at the Kempinski Hotel Bahia Estepona.

On May 21st and 22nd, Frank Oehler will present the best of his cuisine in the hotel’s Alminar Restaurant. On the morning of May 21st, this renowned Chef will offer his famous cooking lessons, which will culminate in the tasting of the dishes prepared by the participants; The participants will later receive an autographed apron as a gift.

Frank Oehler was born in Mussennhausen, Germany, and studied haute cuisine from 1978 to 1981. Known as the “Wild Youngsters” leader of German Cuisine, his culinary temple is the “Speisemeisterei” Restaurant in the beautiful “Schloss Hohenheim” Castle, in the Baden-Württenberg city of Stuttgart, Germany. The “Wild Youngsters” have been the precursors of the highly successful culinary programs on German television, whose intention is to raise awareness of young, wild and creative cuisine, to the world.

His objectives fulfilled, he received a Michelin Star for “Speisemeisterei”, as he had previously received for the Restaurant “d-Recht”, in Hawangen, Memmingen, as well as in the luxurious Las Dunas Hotel in Marbella, and in the “Erbprinzen” Restaurant in Ettlingen.

For more information call 952.809.500 and visit the website: http://www.kempinski-timeout.com/culinary.html

5 Course Degustation Menu 21st and 22nd of May, 2010

Asian Red Tuna with Duck Foie-Gras, Goat Cheese Spring Roll, Sugar Peas and Apple Foam

Red Prawn over a bed of Vanilla and Coconut Risotto with Scallions and Tomato Butter

Turbot with Tête de Veau, Asparragus and Egg Yolk Sorbet

Pigeon and Quail Duo with Black Truffle Perigord Jus, Peperonata and Parsley Purée

Mrs. Speisser’s Bircher Muesli, 2010 Edition

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