Getting a NIE Number

by Julie

Just a quick tip if your needing a NIE Number in Marbella...

I was very happy with my self, read all the websites about getting your own NIE Number in Spain, booked a appointment at the police station and filled in all the forms (well I thought I had...)

Only on the day to be sent away from the Police station with my tail between my legs as I had filled in the forms wrong...

I searched online for companies who did you NIE Number for you and most were charging into the hundreds, some wanted £400 but I found a voluntary one who does it for £20 to cover their costs and gave a really great service. They did all my paperwork, correctly I add... and booked MY Nie number appointment.

Not sure links are allowed here? remove if not sorry... but the website is and its got loads of free information on the website as well.

Hope this helps anyone needing a NIE Number?

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