Food is the Answer

by Indre Coleman

An excellent place to start is our food.

To start, there are a few choices that dramatically reduce toxicity. The first is making the choice to eat more whole, unprocessed foods and live foods. While many of the chemical ingredients found in our foods are mostly toxic, our bodies run optimally on fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

The next is to move your diet more in the direction of a plant-based vegan or vegetarian diet. So much of the meat and seafood on the market has been produced in a far from optimal manner. Livestock typically lead far from healthy lives as they are pumped with hormones, force fed corn, and made to live in cramped, disease breeding, conditions. Furthermore, industrial farms contribute mightily to climate change (through methane), and their run-off pollutes and negatively effects nearby waterways.

If you do eat meat, eat it sparingly, and buy grass fed beef, free range chickens, and any other meat as locally and organic as possible. Spain has a great variety of free range fed animals on the market today.

Seafood is probably something to be avoided altogether as there are several concerns. The first of these concerns is the increasing amounts of mercury and other heavy metals found within fish. According to the WHO, the ingestion of Methylmercury from fish and shellfish is damaging to our neurological functioning, our kidney functions, and the general health of our nervous system. In the most severe cases, the adverse symptoms can be as severe as brain damage, paralysis, incoherent speech, and delirium. If you are to eat fish, avoid shellfish and larger predatory fish. Mercury, tends to accumulate in greater concentration when fish ingest it from other fish, as opposed to the fish that ingest it with plankton.

So, instead of Tuna, try sardines, and when you are ready, exchange sardines for organic hemp seeds, coconut oil, and some fresh juice.

In truth, we should all give the fish a long break. The UN estimates that we are on pace to make wild fish extinct by 2050!
About the Author: Indre Coleman

Born in Lithuania, Indre has spent years studying the impact of nutrition on health. In 2013 she founded Juices to Glow as a means for families to introduce healthy and nutritious cold-pressed juices into their diets as a source of vital nutrients to maintain an active healthy lifestyle. We'd like to thank Indre for taking the time to share her knowledge with us on the Marbella Family Nutrition Blog.

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