Fitness manager or fitness instructor/personal trainer

by Josh

Post Brittish title, 10 week diet

Post Brittish title, 10 week diet

Seeking job as fitness manager or fitness instructor/personal trainer

What makes you a great candidate: I have been training within the gym environment for 9 years now. Fitness has always been my biggest passion and comes before pretty much everything else. I am the current NABBA Mr Britian FT in bodybuilding meaning i have a great understanding of muscle training combined with cardio. It also means I am well educated on nutrition.

Previous experience: I have been a pseronal trainer for over 12 months now and although I still run jobs along side it for a guaranteed pay check I am still going strong with my loyal clients.

Languages you speak:
English (currently learning spanish, on a course and my Mrs speaks it fluently)

Email address:

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