Family Active Marbella, outdoor circuit training for parents and their children, born to unite fitness and family

by Juliane Klimaschewsky

Start making family fitness a priority! Family Active combines fitness, outdoor exercise and quality family time: An effective workout (Marbella and Mijas at the beach) for the whole family!

Family Active aims at supporting you and your kids to get moving (again) and to really get fit. Our trainers ensure that you and your children achieve the best possible training results in a safe, varied and healthy way, while having lots of fun and doing something together for your health and fitness.

Also, you can also get in touch with other parents with children of the same
age, make new contacts and exchange ideas about family issues.
Whether the parents want to achieve a pain-free back, a flat belly or get rid of unloved pounds, or the kids just want to get moving and have fun trying
things out and taking on a challenge - Family Active combines it all. The workout is adjusted to the individual
capacity and needs of the exercising parents and their children (depending on
the age group).
There are different training and class formats for children in all age groups from 0-18 years.

What can I expect of a typical Family Active training session?

The Family Active training sessions are an effective combination of strengthening, coordination, endurance and flexibility training. To ensure that the children also have a lot of fun, Family Active integrates small challenges, circuits, obstacle courses, games and music into the training (adapted to the age group).

The session basically consists of six elements:
1. Warming up and mobilization
2. Cardio, Buttocks & Legs
3. Circuit-training: Full body workout (TRX, bodyweight and small material)
4. Mat training & Pilates: Strengthening Core & Back muscles (TRX, bodyweight and small material)
5. Cool-down and stretching
6. Coffee time ;)

The beginning of the class is used for effective cardio movements like Lunge walking, running or active movements that bring the pulse up. Kids love fun, new movements and are happy to imitate their parents.

This is followed by a full-body strength-circuit workout with a special focus on building lean and strong musculature, burning lots of calories and strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Many of the strengthening exercises, especially the exercises with the TRX or sling trainer are whole-body exercises and improve inter- and
intramuscular coordination, sense of balance and flexibility. They also strengthen the pelvic floor, which is especially important for young mothers
after giving birth.
The core elements of each training session are circuits with different materials (depending on the age
group of the children) and the incorporation of the sling trainer, which is one of the best training materials to build and strengthen the core muscles in a very effective way!

The advantages of Family Active training are:

A regular exercise programme is a simple solution that pays off for a lifetime - for children and adults!
Regular active workouts as a family, fun beach runs and hikes will show your children that exercise can be fun and make them fitter, healthier and happier adults in the long run.

Regular exercise for kids (but also for adults) helps to strengthen bones,
● aids against obesity and the consequences of “lockdown” and "sitting disease" and
● leads to improved cardiovascular health and improved motor skills into adulthood.
● Active children learn more easily and can concentrate better (Kid’s brain growth is positively promoted due to exercise)
● Less susceptibility to diseases and a strong immune system

For the parents:
● Intensive strengthening of the abdominal, back and core muscles for a healthy and upright posture.
● Strengthening and stretching the chest muscles against tension
● Strengthening and stretching of the shoulder girdle muscles, to relieve and prevent tensions and blockages.
● Endurance and strengthening of the leg and buttock muscles
● Body weight reduction
● Strengthening the pelvic floor and building up the pelvic
musculature to balance the body back into a healthy posture.
● Reduction of pregnancy-related problems
● Training the sense of balance
● Improving inter- and intramuscular coordination
● Improving flexibility and mobility
● Improving endurance and strengthening the pelvic floor
● Mental relaxation
What distinguishes Family Active training sessions from other training offers for parents and children?

No separation:
parents and children ALWAYS train together, i.e. you can only participate in a Family Active class together with one or more of your children! Because Family Active wants to promote a sense of community within the family and the joy of exercise.

Always 2 trainers in every session:
There are always two qualified trainers present, one trainer guides the adults during the training while the second trainer exclusively takes care of the children, guides them, keeps an eye on them and encourages them to move and try things out.

Personal contact:
The trainers respond individually to the participants and children present in the training, correct the execution of the exercises, guide the exercises professionally and are there with advice and support.

"Real" training with great results for both kids and parents: Each training is led by experienced fitness trainers with many years of experience in personal training and group training especially for parents and children.

Network: Great opportunity to meet other parents and like-minded people

How do I know which training is suitable for me and my children?

The Family Active sessions are tailored for parents with children in different age groups. The content (for the children) differs according to the age of the children present.

If you would like to participate with several children in different age groups at the same session, please send a message ( or by SMS/Whatsapp) and the Family Active trainers are happy to recommend the suitable training for your family.
Older children are always welcome to come along to the ActiveBaby or ActiveKids sessions, where they can actively participate and are guided according to their age.

Is the Family Active Baby / Stroller course suitable for me?

Are you a new mum or dad who likes to be out in the fresh air and would like to do something not only for your physical fitness and mental well-being, but
also for the health and development of your child?
Then ActiveBaby is the right training for you.
Simply arrange a free trial lesson and try it out without obligation to see if you and your baby like it.

How old should my kids be to participate in a Family Active Training?

There are various Family Active course formats for children in different age groups.
In general, all your children from 0-18 years can participate.

The sessions differ as follows:

ActiveBaby (Parents with children 0-2years)
ActiveKids (Parents with children 3-5years)
ActiveJunior (Parents with children 5-12years)
ActiveTeens (Parents with teenagers 12-18+)

And additionally for the whole family:
ActiveRun (from 6 years)
ActiveWalk (from 5 years)

If you would like to participate with several children in different age groups, please send a message ( or by SMS/Whatsapp) and the Family Active trainers are happy to recommend the suitable training for your family.

How fit do I have to be to keep up with Family Active training?

It doesn't matter if you or your kids have done sport before or just want to start
now: The Family Active trainers tailor the workouts to your individual fitness
level. In addition, the trainers offer different variations for all exercises for
beginners and advanced. The intensity of the workout can be adjusted at any
time: by using additional or different training equipment, the number of
repetitions, the speed of movement and the intensity of the workout.

Sufficient drinking breaks are always planned and the kids
are appropriately motivated and challenged, but always in moderation. The trainers make sure that there is no excessive competition or ambition among the participating children (and adults ;) so that all children leave the training with a great feeling and sense of achievement!

What are the times for the Family Active training sessions? Please check the current timetable at the website:

Every Monday 10h (Marbella Playa Puerto) and
Wednesday 10h (Kenguru Pro, Mijas)

Every Thursday 17h (Las Lagunas, Mijas)
and Saturday 11.30h (Playa Puerto,Marbella)

ActiveJUNIOR (All Family training event)
Every Saturday 12.30h (Playa Puerto,Marbella)

Every Thursday 18h (Las Lagunas, Mijas)
Every Saturday 9.30h (Elviria, La Perla Blanca)

Get in touch:

Playa Puerto - Calle Fuengirola 11, Marbella, 29603, Spain


Free trial training :)

Are Family Active outdoor training sessions offered all year round?
Yes, the Family Active outdoor training is held at any time of year, also in autumn and winter. A training session will only be canceled due to the weather in the event of heavy rain, extreme heat or the risk of storms. Otherwise, Family Active stays outside in all climates :)
The training times are generally based on the children's holiday times, so
that the training could be paused during the holidays (Easter, summer and Christmas holidays). Therefore, please always check the current class schedule.

Where and how can I register for a trial lesson?
Email to:
Whatsapp or SMS/Phone call to: (0034) 691640136

Family Active kindly asks you to always register for a training in advance.

What do I need to bring to the trial lesson?
In general, just bring your child, enough to drink and a mat or blanket.

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