Exercise to Promote Weight Loss

by Indre Coleman

To manage weight, you should exercise actively for at least 30 minutes a day. Or at least an hour of intensive exercise every second day, whatever fits into your busy schedule. Most importantly is to be consistent and committed and this way you will achieve the result you desire - to lose weight and keep it off. Remember its better to do little than none and body will thank you for that.

Exercise for a healthy heart.

According to medical professors, even a moderate amount of exercise helps your heart. Little exercise is better than none and more is better than less. Exercise reduces LDL cholesterol, the kind that clogs arteries. It also reduces your blood pressure, relieving stress on your heart, improves your insulin sensitivity, improves heart muscle function, and blood flow to diminish the chances of developing blood clots. These findings have been corroborated by a host of studies over the years.

Exercise to lower high blood pressure.

Exercise is great for your blood pressure; it lowers blood pressure in large parts by altering blood vessel stiffness so your blood flows more freely. And it really doesn't matter whether you get exercise from a walk on the beach, a fast run or a yoga stretch, the results are equally as good. So no excuses regarding your age, weight, race or gender, stay connected with your body and get it moving!

Exercise is an excellent way to reduce stress.

Exercise is not only used to look fit and healthy, but also great to manage stress in our everyday lives.

Regular workouts help your body systems practice interacting with each other, in a healthy way. This directly leads to a better overall response to stress. Also a long period of exercise, will have a happy affect on your emotions and it’s a great way to socialize when taking part in any sports or exercise.

Most importantly make exercise your regular habit and don’t worry about which exercise is the best for others, focus on yourself and what makes you enjoy it the most.

When it comes down to it, any exercise is beter than none. Don't worry about which exercise is the best for others, focus on yourself and what you enjoy.

Here are some more tips to exercise:

Mix up your exercise. Depending on your goals whether to lose weight or gain muscle as examples, try to mix it up a bit! Try aerobics, yoga, pilates, walks or runs on the beach, spinning, swimming, and weights. Surprise your body!

Make the first move. I know it's hard when you don’t feel like moving a muscle or when you’re feeling tired and stressed out from unnatural activities. But however small it is, make that first step to move around. It could literally be putting on your trainers and just going for a gentle walk or stretch. Start from there.

Don’t go wild on your first day. When just getting started with exercise, go slow and easy. There's no point running a marathon on your first day, let your body to get use to it.

Just try doing some exercise today and see if it makes a difference on how you feel tomorrow, if you get bored of one thing try another. Soon you will be enjoying your health, happiness and strength.
About the Author: Indre Coleman

Born in Lithuania, Indre has spent years studying the impact of nutrition on health. In 2013 she founded Juices to Glow as a means for families to introduce healthy and nutritious cold-pressed juices into their diets as a source of vital nutrients to maintain an active healthy lifestyle. We'd like to thank Indre for taking the time to share her knowledge with us on the Marbella Family Nutrition Blog.

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