Exercise specialist and Holistic lifestyle coach

by Marc Wonsyld Miller
(Puerto Banus / Marbella, Spain)

Personal training, nutrition and coaching on a deeper level.

I got a good understanding of the body and mind and how to improve upon my clients challanges.

And I've taken these courses:

CHEK Holistic lifestyle coach level 1 (CHEK institute)
CHEK Holistic lifestyle coach level 2 (CHEK institute)
CHEK Scientific stretching (CHEK institute)
CHEK Integrated movement science level 1 (CHEK institute)
CHEK Program design (CHEK institute)
CHEK Scientific back training (CHEK institute)
CHEK Scientific core conditioning (CHEK institute)
Precision Nutrition Level 1 (precision nutrition)
Pain and strength training workshop (Jacob Beerman)
Muscle mechanics workshop (Eugene Teo)
Psychotherapist (ID Academy) ~on going~
Personal trainer at (Fitness Institute)
Anatomy and physiology (Fitness Institute)
Biosignature (Poliquin, London)
Dietician at (Atworks)

Previous experience: I have 8 years of experience working with clients.

Languages you speak: English and Danish

Email address: info@fit4life-fitness.dk

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