El Ranchero

by Morris Bishop
(San Pedro de Alcantara)

El Ranchero restaurant

El Ranchero restaurant

This is one of those 24-seater restaurants in San Pedro de Alcantara that seem to have been there forever, but it must be 15 or so years since we last dined there.

It has remained unchanged for over a quarter of a century, with one exception - the food, the presentation, and the menu options, have improved to such an extent, that I can see El Patron, Antonio, and his wife, chef Rosario, successfully filling their restaurant for many more years to come.

Ok the bolt upright seats do not encourage you to linger, but the flavoursome, wholesome dishes turned out from their small kitchen keep the punters coming back for more.

No fewer than 40 fish dishes from 18 species dominate the menu, with a 3 dish concession to the carnivores. Starters are of the salad, soup, or omelet variety. Desserts, apart from 3 in house, are lots of frozen picture thingies. Popular, reasonable priced wine list, from which we chose the marques de Caceras Rose.

What our party of 6 ordered for starters were Fish soup, avocado prawns, mixed salad, Pil Pil, followed by Sole Meuniere all three Rosadas of fried, grilled, and Meuniere, Hake, and half and half portions of Boqueronies and chiperonies. About these my wifes comments were that “they were as good as she’d ever had” indeed I would put my grilled Rosada in the same category.

I must admit that our friends choice of venue would not have been uppermost in my mind, but I am very glad they made it.

Because we will return! Its not fine dining, nor is it Nouveau cuisine, but just good, honest, simple, and delicious food.

The stats:
Located in C/ Pozo the short pedestrian passageway between C/ Lagasca and C/ Toledo, along with Chinales and the much loved but ill fated El Medioevo that closed about a year ago, They open for lunch and dinner every day except Wednesday. In the warmer months there are 20 covers in the passageway. They are usually full, so reservations on 952784924 are advisable. Parking in Blue zone streets free after 14:00 and 20:00 Average 3 course meal with wine 30€ no menu del dia - Enjoy

Bishlin marks out of 5
Ambience 3
Menu 4
Food 4.5
Service 4
Value 4.5
Overall 4

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