Dinner at Marabierta, San Pedro de Alcantara Paseo September 2017

by morris Bishop
(San Pedro de Alcantara)

Dinner at Marabierta, San Pedro de Alcantara Paseo September 2017
Since its opening at the beginning of the year we must have eaten at Marabierta about 6 times, and with each visit our enthusiasm for it was reinforced. Imaginative menu, excellent ambiance, enthusiastic staff, but mostly the consistently good food made us want to come back time and again.

We were four handed looking forward to enjoying a pleasant meal in a restaurant specifically requested by our friends who we had introduced to earlier in the year. This was also our first visit since out return from a 10 week stay in the UK, only to find that the whole of the front of house staff were changed, but on enquiry, we find that chef Juan Antonio and his team were still here, gone were Hermes, Manola, and Biggy, which meant I had to explain to Ferdinand of my allergy to anything cooked in olive oil.

Our order for starters of Goats cheese croquets that were presented looking like toffy apples, a Russian salad, and Crab Mousse followed by Entrecote steak, Lamb chops, Sea Bass and a Sole Meuniere. Whilst the starters were all acceptable, with the exception of the Sea Bass the same could not said about the rest of our Mains. The original Entrecote, although ordered ‘poco echo’ arrived with large area s raw – the Lamb Chops consisted of 4 or so complete chops and the rest were mostly bone with little meat on – my Meuniere was definitely a Sole but with an opaque cream sauce rather than the transparent butter, lemon and capers that it should have been and the texture and taste of the fish was not quite right. After complaining about the Entrecote it was replaced by a second dish that although cooked correctly had an offensive taste and was rejected. The chops and the Sole Meuniere were eaten but with an underlying doubt as to their provenance. To make matters worse later that night I fell victim to my allergy so I assume there was a breakdown in communication somewhere.

It will be a long time until we venture back to Marabierta
For further Vital Stat on this restaurant see my review of January 2017 – I decline to log any Bishlin Guide marks and end with an appeal to owner Michael to get a grip on what is happening at his Restaurant.
“I shouldn’t have to write this review!”

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