Dance Marbella Summer Camp

by Marbella Family

Dance Marbella Summer Camp

Dance Marbella Summer Camp

Dance school Dance Marbella presents "Dance Marbella SUMMER CAMP 2014"!!!

Looking for summer activities for your kids that have lifetime benefits? Teach them how to dance and interact with others and give your child one of the best life skills they will ever have! Your child will build confidence, make new friends, create memories, learn manners, social skills, good posture, exercise and most importantly – have a great time!

Conveniently located in Centro Plaza, with great parking. You can go grocery shopping, peruse the variety of stores, while the campers learn to dance or just sit back in one of the many restaurants in Centro Plaza and relax a bit.

Dance Marbella offers many different classes and levels for your child's individual needs and desires. Boys and girls from age three and up, in a variety of partner dancing.

Some of our classes include:
- Fitness
- Hip-hop
- Burlesque
- Ballet
- Boxing
- Stretching
- Cheerleading

Age: 3-6 y.o.
Time: 10.00-12.00
Days: Monday – Friday
Period: 21 July - 15 August

Price: 20 euro – day
90 euro – week (18 per day)
360 euro – 4 weeks

Program: 1h dancing (Ballroom and Latin)
15 min playing (fun time)
45 min different activities
(hip-hop, boxing, ballet, stretching, cheerleading etc)

Age: 7-15 y.o.
Time: 12.00-15.30
Days: Monday – Friday
Period: 21 July - 15 August

Price: 30 euro – day
125 euro – week (25 per day)
500 euro – 4 weeks

Program: 1h dancing (Ballroom and Latin)
1h fitness + Jazz
30 min Lunch (with your own snack)
1h different activities
(hip-hop/Burlesque/ballet/stretching/cheerleading/boxing etc)

The latest date to submit an application is the 10th of July!
We are happy to see everyone in our DANCE MARBELLA SUMMER CAMP 2014!

For more info please contact :
+34 661 064 468

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