CRITIQUE: Music of the Night concert

by Jan
(Nueva Andalucia)

Music of the Night Marbella 2015

Music of the Night Marbella 2015

Music of the Night at the Andalucia Plaza Saturday April 11th 2015

What promised to be a very entertaining evening unfortunately turned out not to be so good.

The cast of five were enthusiastic but the programme was the problem.

Most of the numbers were show ‘fillers’ – the not-so-tuneful but wordy songs which tell the story and connect the showstoppers. At a concert like this it is the well-known ‘big’ numbers that the audience come to hear.

Similarly some years ago Barbra Streisand appeared in London and made the same mistake performing new and less well-known material in the first week. The word came back to her very strongly and the second week she changed the programme completely to include all the songs the audience wanted to hear.

Nancy’s big song from Oliver – ‘As long as he needs me’ was belted out brilliantly – and the audience’s huge response said it all.

The advertising mentioned Easter but the concert was unbalanced with too much from Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell. A couple of operatic arias were thrown in which were out of place here, and the cast have nice voices but are not opera singers.

Flashing lights were used to take the place of any staging, which would have been fine had they not shone towards the audience making us blink as we tried to watch the singers.

Should this review get back to the cast – please understand, I don’t wish to offend, but a change of programme could have resulted in a much more enjoyable concert.

DATE: April 11th

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Apr 21, 2015
MOTN 2015
by: Nick

Thank you Sue and Margaret for your very kind words and are pleased you enjoy the shows!

We take on-board Jan´s feedback and hope you will all join us again for one of the next shows in the season!

Best wishes, Nick

Apr 19, 2015
Fabulous Show
by: Sue

Fabulous show! We loved it!

4th time we have seen Music of the Night, having also been to see it at Starlite Festival, Mijas and Marbella last year!

We love the mixed programme and also that every show is completely different.

It's always a great nights entertainment and the atmosphere always exciting.

The performances always brilliant by a cast of very different singers that appear to gel perfectly. You can just tell they love every minute.

It was billed as a show which included an Easter theme but also with excerts from Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar, Children of Eden and Evita. No one should have been surprised that these shows were included and it was in fact, as billed!

Personally I like the mixed content as would not keep going back if it was filled with nothing but showstoppers and just the same material every time.

I agree about the lighting problem and that did not happen before and sure the production team will work on it for next time.

We don't get enough of this type or high calibre of live entertainment here in Marbella and on the Costa del Sol.

I think support it or we'll lose it!

The American couple sat next to us said "as good as any Broadway show", an Italian couple sat in front who were staying in the hotel, thought it was amazing too!

The applause and ovations throughout summed up what the majority of the audience thought of the show!

Well done everyone involved in bringing Music of the Night to Marbella.

(I found this review via Google when looking for their site to leave comments but couldn't anywhere to add them.)

Apr 18, 2015
by: Margaret

We thought it was an amazing show and feel fortunate to have this kind of live entertainment here in Marbella.

It was a great, mixed programme, which seemed to cater to most tastes. The reaction of the audience throughout the show seemed to indicate that.

No idea where they get all their energy from and it wasn't an endless string of songs just thrown together back to back, obviously a great deal of time and effort had been put into making it a flowing seamless show.

You can't please all the people all the time. But for us it was brilliant. Great voices, great performances, great songs, a great show!

We have already booked for the next one!

Congratulations to Music of the Night!

Apr 15, 2015
Reply from MOTN2015
by: Nick

Thank you for your review Jan,
We do always appreciate constructive feedback as you have stated here, with a view to make improvements where we possibly can.
The show on 11th April was as you suggest, focused mainly with an Easter theme (the show was originally planned for the previous weekend). On the whole, the feedback we have received, is that most people felt overall the programme was well-balanced, although as you say, there was some of the lesser known songs included and it was not all well-known showstoppers.
The content of the remaining 4 shows has already been decided and is on the whole the "big" showstopping numbers the audience come to hear, as you say. The remaining 4 shows are also all completely different.
3 of the singers are classically and professionally trained opera singers and have appeared in quite a few productions. I can only say that the ability to sing both classical, musical theatre as well as the more up-tempo songs all require very different singing techniques, and to mix all of these in a non-stop 2 hour show is quite an achievement in my personal opinion, for which I will always highly commend our cast.
We are aware of the problem with the lighting, and this was not meant to happen and will be addressed with the technicians for the next show. The use of mobile phones / ipads and other cameras will also be banned, as some audience members felt this also spoilt their viewing pleasure.
I would like to invite you to the one of the next shows Jan where we would hope to demonstrate we have addressed the things you mention. Please email me at and I will send you some tickets.
Thanks again for your review,
Regards, Nick
On behalf MOTN2015 team

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