CANDIDATE: Sales Position

by Oscar Yasay
(San Francisco, California, USA)

I'm planning on moving to marbella and would love to find a job there. I currently reside in San Francisco, USA.

Type of role you are looking for: Sales, IT , hotel, real estate, any job

What makes you a great candidate: hardworking, fast learner, punctual, easy going ,flexible, versatile, good listener, good with people's skills.

Previous experience:
Worked as a dialysis technician, tech support,
management trainee for eneterprise rent a car.

Languages you speak:
Tagalog, visaya, English and a little bit Spanish.

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Sep 28, 2017
Thanks for the response wayne
by: Oscar

Hi Wayne,
I am currently staying with my girlfriend who's a Spanish citizen with a job who has a house in marbella. How much money do I need to move here in Spain? What's an NIE? My girlfriend should know all this.. Anyway, are you working here in Spain? How did you move here?

P. S. You can pm me here at my email thanks

Sep 27, 2017
Resident or Tourist
by: Wayne

I am an American in Spain, what you ask is not simple. Do you have an NIE for Spain...How will you pay for the move, where will you stay. Do you have your own money to live in Spain for a while..all of this is important in Spanish Territory

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