CANDIDATE: Live in child care job

by Lucija A.
(Ljubljana, Slovenia)

I'm looking for live in child care job. I would like to stay with the family, so they accept me as a part of their family. I would be a helping hand for the parents and a friend to kids.

What makes you a great candidate:
I'm calm, pretty quiet person to live with. I always clean after myself and I have big respect to someone elses' things.

I love to sing, read books, I enjoy roller skating (or skating at winter), riding bikes, swimming, I love spending time with kids and animals.

I'm patient, reliable, responsible, meticulous, organized, communicative, flexible, gentle, creative, fun, energetic.

I can't wait to get to know you and can't wait to see what new experience I will get from knowing you.

What you want from experince:
I wanted to go working as an just after I finished high school, but then I just got in the university I wanted and that wish had to wait, so that my other wish could come true (that I become midwife). Now I decided that it’s time for me to make my wish of being an come true.
I love working with children and I realy enjoy in their company. Also I would love to try working in other county and I think that with help of a family would that be easier. That way I can help him as much as they would help me.
I belive that every person that come in my life came for a reason-so we can learn something from each other. I can't wait to see what I will learn.
I've never traveled alone before and I'm curious to see how it will be. I would like to find a family that would be able to give me some free time, so I can explore their country. I would love to learn new language.
Basically I'm looking for an adventure. I also hope that some time away from my everyday routine here at home, would give me some time for self-searching and exploring my options and opportunities.

Previous experience:
I have lots of experiences of working with children:
- I worked with twin premature born boys from their age of 2 months till 7 months
- I'm in regular contact with boy with cystic fibrosis from his birth till now, when he is 3 years old
- I'm helping with care for premature born boy from his age of 2 months till now, when he is 3,5 years old
- I was working as NICU nurse and I was daily in contact with at least 4 premature born babies with different developmental problems
With all of the kids above I was practicing baby handling, physiotherapy, helped with breastfeeding and later with introducing solid food, if needed I gave medicine to kids…

I know how to animate kids of different age and many other things that I learned from regular contact with kids from my family who are now aged from newborn to 16 years.

I feel connected to children and love spending time with them. I enjoy their pure sense for logic and I want for them that they learn to love other people, animals and especially themselves. I believe that children are our future and that is our responsibility that we take care of what they learn. We have to teach them everything that they’ll need to grow up to being great persons.

Languages you speak:
My mother language is Slovenian and I'm learning Englih from young age, so I speak it fluently. I have basic knowledge of Croatian and Spanish. I learned some Spanish from Spanish telenovelas and songs =) but I would love to know more. I think that Spanish is the most beautiful language.

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