Candid Camera Wedding Photography

by Jhan Siraj
(Monda, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain)

Real Memories, Real people.....

Real Memories, Real people.....

Candid (documentary / reportage) wedding photography is a different approach to the more traditional wedding album.

Traditional wedding photography is based around a set number of images which have all been predetermined and will be organised and staged on the day. It could be said that this type of photography is a record of who was there and where they were. With a strict pose-based set of images it can be devoid of true emotion and have a static, flat feel that does little to remember the feelings of the day and the spirit.

Candid wedding photography, also known as documentary or reportage wedding photography, is far more dynamic. We capture the reality of the occasion and the real emotion and spirit that was so important. A wedding is that, emotion, spirit and most of all, a joyous occasion for the bride and groom and their family and guests. It is this that we set out to capture, so your wedding album is a true representation of that amazing time in your life. We blend in and look for those special moments so we can capture what you will not always get to enjoy. There are so many moments that we make sure we are there before you wake until the final dance. We document the whole day from a perspective that will infuse enthusiasm for all those who wish to look back fondly.

Traditional wedding photography usually consists of between 40 and 80 staged shots. We don't adhere to such nonsense, we are shooting from the moment we arrive to the moment we leave. We provide you on average 500-600 photographs covering every special moment and the special people sharing your wonderful wedding. We do not stop there, we also stage a set of group shots that we feel is important when looking back at family and friends who shared you day in time to come. Those candid moments are unrepeatable and exceptionally beautiful, but we understand our responsibility, so staging group shots for your family and friends only adds to our commitment to you.

Because we want to capture your wedding with you, we also include a pre-wedding shoot to photograph your engagement. This will be part of your story when we present you with your own personalised wedding day photographic story book.

These are those moments you share on your special day. We also include a special, post wedding shoot where we spend time with just the bride and groom, photographing them only. We will visit a pre-selected location and concentrate all our attentions on the happy couple, both posed and candid.

When we finally provide our work, you will have a true reflection of your special day for now and generations to come. You will receive all the images taken digitally, as well as your photo book so you can create copies and share your memory with family and friends of your choice. All our photographs are provided with full reproduction rights, so you are never restricted by quantity or time.

Contact us to discuss your wedding and check availability.

No client images are ever used by us for advertising and/or promotions without client permission.

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