Be Cool & Active Workshops

by Ana

Be Cool & Active Classroom

Be Cool & Active Classroom

BE COOL & ACTIVE WORKSHOPS are a great way for kids, teens and adults to build new skills in a fun, exciting and engaging way. The workshops are designed to enable you to quickly develop a solid base of skills so you can master your favourite topics.

• Are you an adult that is interested in getting a handle on technology and the on-line world?
• Do your kids love handicrafts and the creative arts?
• Interested in a fun way to learn English or Spanish?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, check out the special offers from BE COOL & ACTVE WORKSHOPS, below. Workshops are offered in both English and Spanish - please contact BE COOL & ACTIVE WORKSHOPS at their details below for more information.

All workshops are conducted at the company's classroom in Fuengriola by the owners, Miguel and Ana. Miguel is from Madrid and Ana is Canadian with quite a diverse range of European roots.

Ana is the artistic soul of the company and is also a fully qualified Instructor. She studied Tourism and has a Master of Sports Psychology and Physical Activity. Ana is also a licensed Instructor of Entertainment and Physical Activities for Elderly as well as an Instructor of Social and Cultural Activities.

Miguel is the administrative engine of BE COOL & ACTIVE and is also a fully qualified coordinator. He studied Administration and Enterprise Science and is a licensed Leisure Activity Instructor.


The Handicraft Workshop is a unique way for kids to learn or improve their Spanish or English by participating in a workshop that combines handicraft work with language skills. The workshop allows kids to quickly grasp language skills through interactive skills development. Their imagination flows as they become young artists, doing something fun and making new friends.

• Once a week (1.5 hours) €39
• Twice a week (3 hours) €75

Class size limited to 20 participants to insure maximum effectiveness.

The Book Corner Workshop is designed to engage kids in language by reading and exchanging thoughts and ideas about books read in either Spanish or English. The workshop is an active dialogue among students to share opinions, ideas, and perspectives while making new friends.

• Once a week (one hour) €39


BE COOL & ACTIVE WORKSHOPS offers three programmes for adults and seniors who are residents or spend a longer period of time on the Costa del Sol. If you're tired of golf, bars and the beach, this is a great way to learn something new and - most importantly - have fun while making new friends.

Cool & Active Technology Basics:
Living in the Online World (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Youtube)
Digital Photography Basics
Android Basics
Mobile Device Tips (Smartphones, Tablets)
DURATION: 3 times a week (1.5 hours)
PRICE: €69

Cool & Active Arts:
Oral and Body Expression
New Culture
DURATION: 2 times a week (2 hours)
PRICE: €64

Cool & Active Mind:
Cognitive Exercises
Board Games
Book Corner
Memory Games
DURATION: 2 times a week (2 hours)
PRICE: €64

Book Corner for Teens & Adults
There is also a Book Corner workshop for teens and adults in both English and Spanish for anyone above the age of 16 looking to improve their language skills or simply interested in books.
DURATION: 1 time per week (1 hour)
PRICE: €39

NIF: 53439758V
TEL: +34 649 428 890, +34 659 045 268

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Aug 18, 2015
by: Blas

Joining one of the Be Cool&Active Workshops is the perfect way to actively spend a vacation and learn something new. Ana & Miguel are just awesome hosts and the place really looks nice and has great location in this beautiful part of the world! I took some Spanish lessons and really made great progress, used to self-learn it using Como se dice workbook and DuoLingo and had tons of questions and misunderstandings about language's tricks which were explained to us in a very understandable way. I intend to return next year and catch some more time with them to improve even further. Going back to school for me was never more fun! :)

The friend's kids loved it in the handcrafting workshop too and brought folks home hand-made souvenirs.

Thumbs up!

Aug 18, 2015
Cool and Fun
by: Sara

This morning I passed by Be Cool and Active Workshops and I just had to get in. I've found out that they have some really cool workshops for children as for me I will improve my Spanish in a different way at their Book's Corner Workshop starting this fall

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