AVAILABLE: Pricategory Villa Host/Boat Stewardess

by Kirsteen Campbell

I have extensive experience in Hospitality, from working for families on high end boats and chalets. I can cook simple tasty meaIs, I have good wine knowIedge. I also know how to take care of laundry, looking after delicate fabrics. In addition, I have lots of PA experience in various backgrounds, private & public sector. I am highly organised, I adapt to new environments quickly. I am an extremely positive person to work with, hence, I have fantastic references from everywhere I have previously worked. I love to travel and I'm not phased by anything in life.

I am looking for a role that is varied that matches my skills & personality.

Type of role you are looking for:
Private Villa Hostess/BOAT Stewardess/PA

What makes you a great candidate:
My skills and personality

Previous experience:
See attached note

Languages you speak:
English, basic French

Email address:

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